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Breast Reduction

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You may have been thinking about breast reduction if you have large, heavy, or uncomfortable breasts. The deep, painful grooves from bra straps digging into your skin, the back, neck & shoulder aches at the end of the day, and difficulty participating in running, sports and athletics are just some of the quality of life issues that women with heavy breasts struggle with everyday.

Maybe you’ve tried to find a bathing suit and had to give up. Women seeking breast reduction often tell us things like “I just want to be able to go into a regular store and find a bra that fits,” or “I’m tired of having to buy different size tops and bottom.” or “I can’t even wear a button-up blouse.” The excess weight of the breasts can make it can hard to maintain a good posture which can give rise to chronic back pain. Often times people just want to feel like their breasts are a better fit for their bodies.

If you have experienced these kinds of problems, you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery, and we invite you to come in for a consultation. Please call us at 410-715-9205, or email us to request an appointment at weuplift@verizon.net.

If you live in Columbia, Maryland, Ellicott City, or Howard County, you are probably close to our office, and we also see people from Baltimore, Annapolis and the Washington area who come to us for their breast and cosmetic plastic surgery needs.

Below are illustrations showing how breast reduction surgery is performed in more detail.

How Breast Reduction Surgery is Performed:

breastReduction_0002_Layer 1

A breast reduction is also a lift. The nipples are raised from a drooping, downward position to a more youthful position on the face of the breast. The design for the incisions and the surgery is measured and marked on the skin with the person in an upright position, before anesthesia. This enhances accuracy and saves the person time under anesthesia. In the illustration to the left, a “keyhole” pattern (Wise pattern) is drawn on the skin.

breastReduction_0001_Layer 2In modern breast reduction surgery, the nipple is generally transferred on a column of tissue called a pedicle. For most patients, we utilize a pedicle technique designed to preserve the structure and function of the breast by maintaining connections of underlying milk ducts, blood vessels and nerves to the extent possible, while still trying to achieve the desired reduction in breast weight and size. As shown in the illustration to the left, after the nipple has been carried upward on the pedicle and lifted into the keyhole, the skin is brought around below the nipple/pedicle complex as shown in the blue arrows, for support.
breastReduction_0000_Layer 3After breast reduction surgery, most of our patients are able to go home the same day. Activities must be limited until the incisions have healed sufficiently, and the doctor will follow your progress and let you know when activities can be resumed. Drains are not generally necessary with the modern techniques we use for breast reduction surgery. The incisions, and thus the scars, are designed to be on the lower part of the breast, allowing for most types of clothing to conceal the scars. While individual results vary and complications are possible with any surgery, most people get significant symptomatic improvement and as a group are quite happy. We also invite you to look at the testimonial section of this website where you can find comments from some of our patients about their experience with breast reduction.