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FaceliftCoverSmFew procedures in plastic surgery have stood the test of time like the facelift.

Who hasn’t stood in front of a mirror and given their cheeks and neck a little upward pull to see a familiar, younger face looking back at them? New cosmetics and products are often marketed as giving you a facelift, but may fall short of the promises.

At Plastic Surgery Professionals, we cannot stop the clock, but we use our skill and experience to seek a natural, refreshed more youthful appearance.

The modern facelift procedure we perform addresses a number of changes brought on by aging.  Of course, the skin is tightened and lifted, but the layers beneath the skin are also treated with benefit in many cases.  Excess fat under the chin and along the jawline is sculpted to give a thinner, more youthful look to the lower face and neck and reduce the appearance of “jowls”. Fat in the cheeks that has sagged is re-suspended upward. A more powerful lift is obtained by lifting a fascia layer under the skin know as the SMAS layer. This adds a second layer to the lift and takes some of the weight off of the skin.  Because this takes some of the weight off of the skin and reshapes the foundation of the face, the skin does not have to look tight like a mask.  We also believe this helps create a more natural appearance and adds to the longevity of the result.  Excess craggy fat in the neck is sculpted and its supporting layer is also snugged to recreate a smooth platform under the neck.  In other parts of the face where people lose fat with aging, the volume can be replaced with your own fat cells as part of the facelift process.

Facelift surgery is also an art and an area that we specialize in. If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our physicians for your personal consultation, please call us at 410-715-9205 or click here to email us your request.

How Facelift Surgery is Performed:

1251-4In modern facelift surgery, the procedure is tailored to what each individual needs The first drawing shows excess skin being removed and the second panel shows there the scars are placed. We now use many newer techniques which can allow us to limit scars more so than in the past.

1251-5We are not just tightening the skin, but are sculpting and tightening the layers under the skin. This creates a new foundation under the skin and allows us to achieve improvement without having to make the skin excessively tight. That way, you get a more natural appearance and, we believe, more long-lasting improvement.

Facelift surgery is an operation that we specialize in. Please call us at 410-715-9205 or click here to request a personal consultation and learn more.