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Few procedures in plastic surgery have stood the test of time like the facelift. The term facelift has even made its way into our everyday language.
Who hasn’t stood in front of a mirror and given their cheeks and neck a little upward pull to see a familiar, younger face looking back at them? New cosmetics and products are often marketed as giving you a facelift, but may fall short of the promises.
At Plastic Surgery Professionals, we can’t stop the clock but we use our skill and experience to try to turn back the hands of time and perhaps give you a natural, refreshed look.
Our modern facelift procedure addresses a number of changes brought on by aging. Less invasive approaches, such as endoscopic forehead lifts, are also used to treat sagging of the upper face and reduce frown lines for a less worried look.
Of course, the skin is tightened and lifted, but the layers beneath the skin are also treated when necessary. Excess fat in the neck and jowls is trimmed to give a thinner and more sculpted look to the jawline. Fat in the cheeks which has sagged is re-suspended upward. Excess craggy-looking fat in the neck is sculpted and its supporting layer snugged to recreate a smooth platform under the neck.
Facelift surgery is also an art and an area that we specialize in. If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our physicians in consultation, please call us at 410-715-9205 or click here to email us your request.